This Is What Happens When Your Insurance Company Rejects You, But Your Friends Don’t

Have you heard the story about the transgender student who joined a fraternity?

Earlier on Upworthy we told you about Donnie Collins, a student at  Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.  When his insurance policy turned down his request for transgender surgery, Donnie’s fraternity brothers started a wildly successful fundraising campaign. Total strangers pitched in, then Donnie’s health insurance company miraculously agreed to cover him, and the fraternity raised a bunch of money to help other young people with their surgeries too. Result!

So what kind of person could possibly inspire so much love and generosity? Check out Donnie’s thank-you message from last month and you’ll get it.

At 1:13 A campaign is born.

At 2:38 Here is Donnie’s takeaway

At 4:58 Consider yourself kissed, friends

At 6:40 Here's the big heartfelt finish

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