This Guy And His Paintbrush Are Afraid Of Nothing

Steven is an energetic, even fearless artist. He throws himself into his work with passion, and that movement comes through on the canvas. If he had been born a generation earlier, you would never see his art (and not just because we didn't have YouTube).

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Steven; I think animated, vibrant.


He have a lot of energy.

He’s fresh. He gets excited.

He’s not the kind of guy who goes up to a high-dive diving board which is what a large surface can be for an artist. It’s like, ‘Am I going to be able to do this today, jump off?’ When he goes up he doesn’t sit there and think about it; he just goes up and he goes for it.

You can give Steven to look at and, “Oh, easy.” Really. You walk away, and a little while later, he’s looking at you. It’s finished.

It’s so interesting. This is just a different way of this artist expressing this energy of movement, and it’s so fascinating. That’s why you come back and look again, again, and again.

When I first came here, I was drawn in by the name, Creativity Explored, because I’m an artist. I came through the door and there was this cavernous studio space and this cacophony of sounds, energy, and activity and I went, “Whoa. This is not at all what I expected.”

One thing that you have to understand, this is family. The moment they walk through these door, I think 99% feels at home.

I look at Steven coming from a family of 31 people; huge family, collective Asian community where everyone puts money together to help. They thought, ‘Steven has autism, he’s not going to be able to contribute to this.’

I start see what he can do; just so fast, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick like a sloppy job, those type thing. Something missing. He need to learn little things so I share with him.

Not everything that he does is perfect but what he has is that ability to transfer something that he’s seen into his own lines, and that is an ability that not everybody has.

Steven wasn’t institutionalized, so he walks into his art-making process and is able to bring that, ‘This is who I am,’ identity to that process.

There is a difference in the approach of our young artists here to the older ones. I think they’ve had a lot more opportunity to be part of programs like this, so there’s a confidence and a real direction.

I think walking through the gallery is a very valuable experience for a collector here because they can see the focus with which each artist is intent on the work. It’s the real deal. It’s definitely the real deal.

I hope Steven’s future has him seen nationally as an artist and not that he’s special because he’s an artist with autism but just ‘This is an amazing Bay Area artist.’

Very happy to see he become famous some day. I hope so.

I think there’s going to be a lot of Stevens coming to us with the beautiful energy that is going to change the face of Creativity Explored probably, because things are really different when they’re present.

Don’t know where it’s going to go and that’s what’s really fun. That’s what is going to be great to see.

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I found this profile on Creativity Explored's YouTube channel, which features a number of other great profiles, too.

Aug 15, 2014

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