These 2 Girls Surprised Everyone And Rocked The School Board Meeting (And The Mic)

Two years ago, the Curtis Bay community in Baltimore, Maryland, learned about plans to build the nation's largest incinerator less than a mile from the city's high school and elementary school. Well aware of the negative impact it would have on their health and livelihood, these students are speaking up and fighting back. Thanks to them, school board meetings aren't like they used to be.

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So, back here we have Audrey and Rosie, Rosie, yeah. And they actually have a song to present about the incinerator, which is like amazing, fantastical, and they are going to sing that now.

18 year-old girl living in a world where no one cares about the safety of this girl,
money money money that seems to be the anthem destroying the world and always taking it for granted,
no more green only buildings and all that I can see is land fills in,
I'm disgusted I cant believe we trusted the world but its not too late to be adjusted,
we have our rights according to the amendments, but why do we feel like we have been so resented?
Ignored shoved to the side where opinions don't matter where opinions only die.
Its time to stand up let our voices be heard
Incinerator move cause you're not preferred
It's about that time to make the choice, I'm gonna stand up and free my voice.

It'll all get better we can save the world, and it starts with music, get your message heard.
It'll all get better we an save the world
you have got to free your voice from all the boys and the girls.

This life starts with the air that we breathe, with every one could pay it if we try to succeed
just when we brought the money not the air that we need
when you think of the opportunity that I is the seed. This air quality will help you keeping living
but with all this pollution it is like the trees are forbidden
and everyone is looking to take instead of giving not knowing that the bad polluted air is all killing
if the incinerator takes away our breath
how many do we need until there is nothing that's
left until the smoke clogs up and we cant feel our chest
and the ones who don't get the symptoms are considered blessed
This time is now before our planet is destroyed before death is something we cannot avoid.
It's time to change before we don't have a choice
So let's dance all together and free our voice

It will all get better we can save the world and it starts with music get your message heard.
it will all get better we an save the world
you have got to free your voice from all the boys and the girls.

Does that conclude your presentation?

It does.

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This video was created by Free Your Voice, a human rights committee of United Workers. The group, largely made up of students, has launched a campaign to Stop The Incinerator. Check out their blog and like them on Facebook to see the great environmental justice and development work they're doing and be inspired by their overall awesomeness.

Aug 12, 2014

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