The Ad May Be Awesomely Fake, But The Unrealistic Beauty Standards Attached Are 100% Really Real

Chie Davis Curator:

Here’s a “revolutionary” beauty secret that can transform us all into picture-perfect supermodels ... that is, if we all want to look totally unreal.

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Narrator: Introducing [Music] the next revolution in beauty. [Music] Get ready to experience a whole new you.

Model: It's you, perfected.

Narrator: Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles and hello to full lips, sparkling eyes and lashes that never end. And that's just the beginning. Transform your look the way celebrities do with this beauty industry secret that's now available for the first time ever. Introducing Fotoshop by Adobe.

Finally, look the way you've always dreamed. The difference is clear. Just one application of Fotoshop can give you results so dramatic they're almost unreal. Listic [SP]. Use healing brush to target blemishes at their source by simply erasing them. Pro-pixel intensifying micro bead extract infused with nutrative technology will leave your face virtually unrecognizable.

Model: My skin feels like plastic.

Narrator: Take control of your color with hue saturation. Use this breakthrough formula to change hair or skin color, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, even adjust your race. Tired of fighting with your shape? Wish you could be a total knockout? Dial in the perfect you with liquefy. Reshape your body without the expense and mess of surgery. Why eat healthy and exercise when you can just look like you do? And the best part is . . .

Model: It won't rub off

Narrator: The results don't lie. Pictures like this are all Fotoshop. The celebrity beauty secret used in virtually every major magazine is now available to you. You don't have to rely on a healthy body image or self-respect anymore.

Model: Now that's the power of Fotoshop.

Narrator: There is only one way to look like a real cover girl; Fotoshop by Adobe.

Model: Maybe she's born with it.

Narrator: Uh, no. I'm pretty sure it's Fotoshop.

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This fantastic slice of satire was created by filmmaker Jesse Rosten. For more of his delicious humor on hard-to-swallow subjects, follow him on Twitter.

Aug 01, 2014

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