Questions To Never Ask Your Biracial Bestie Unless You Like These Stone-Cold Responses

We all know that soon being biracial won’t be “a thing.” Thanks to a rise in diversity, it’ll kinda be the norm. So why not take a few moments, (54 seconds to be exact), to check out some ridiculously silly questions that are often asked. Hopefully soon we won’t feel the need to ask them anymore.

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Are you adopted?

Where are you really from?

So your mom is...

Really? You are black?


Do you want cholula or soy sauce?

So, you're like half...

Chinese, but also half American.

Are you sure that's where you're from?

You don't look Mexican!

So do you like white girls or black girls?


You look so exotic! What are you...

What do you celebrate?

Your English is great.

I love your hair. Can I touch it?

I don't think she's urban enough.

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I found this fresh slice of realness on BuzzFeed Yellow. To learn more about how the U.S. is moving toward being more racially diverse, check out this Census report on population change and growth.

Jul 19, 2014

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