If Asians Said The Stuff Some White People Say, It Would Sound As Ridiculous As It Actually Is

The video is funny, but the point is serious. Sometimes it helps to see stereotypes in a new light. And then maybe we'll be better about not making them.

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Hey, so where are you from again?
No, where are you really from?
Oh my God, like, how do you eat with a fork and knife? It's so hard. I could never do that.
Your English is great. Were you adopted?
So how come you only hang out with other white people?
You must be really bad at math.
Come on guys, don't you have trouble telling white people apart? Like, I can't tell you guys apart.
Hey, look at me, I'm white.
You know, you're so unlucky you're white because your people are just naturally fat.
Do you have a normal name too or just your white name?
Are your parents like super white?
Hey, do you watch "How I Met Your Mother?" I am so into white culture.
I love white accents. "Hey, I eat cheese."
You know, I've been really into western religions lately. Like, I love how they're so angry and uptight, you know? I decorated my whole house in crosses. Whose hungry?
You're Italian? I love pasta. Mm, a pizza pie. A pizza pie.
Your parents must have been super not strict. Did you just do whatever you wanted?
Oh my god, two forks! That would look totally cute in my hair!
I just love dating white guys because they're so large and overbearing.
Hey, you know I'm really into white girls. Just white girls. Hey, where are you going? Come on. Come on. I bet you're really opinionated. Probably a little dumb.
I have like kind of round eyes, so I'm practically white.

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BuzzFeed created this video, and I came across it in my Facebook feed. It also appeared on a blog I love, Angry Asian Man.

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Laura Willard

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