Her Body Type Is So Ignored In The Magazines That We Don’t Even Notice It’s Missing? Ah, Now I See.

Like most women, I get tired of seeing the same body type portrayed in the media over and over. So when I heard a thin, white model complaining about the industry, I wanted to roll my eyes. I’m glad I waited till the end of the video, though, because after hearing what she had to say, you bet I agree with her.

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Narrator: Film, music, fashion. The lights, the action, the drama. Isn't our media great? It's almost as if nothing's missing, except there is. Got it yet?

People with disabilities are under-represented in the media and worse still, often portrayed by non-disabled actors. Embrace disabled talent, don't exclude it.

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Kudos to Chelsea Jay for her clever short video that gets us thinking about something we’re missing in the media.

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Darcie Conway

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