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Paull Young: Hi, I'm Paull from Charity: Water, and we're partnering with Keurig Green Mountain to bring one million people clean water by 2020, and we're getting started right here in Rwanda. We met B. Gainer and his family. They just received a tap's dam with clean water right in their village. Before, his family would have to get up before dawn and walk down the mountain to a river to fill up dirty cans with dirty river water, and then carry them back up the hill. But now, clean water is right by their house. The kids are happier and healthier, and they're doing better in school because they have more time to do their homework. This is the kind of change we're seeing for so many live here in Rwanda.

With Keurig support, every view of this video provides $1 for clean water projects in Rwanda. Help us get to 100,000 views and be a part of bringing clean water to people in Rwanda.

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This video is part of charity: water's YouTube channel, where you can find information on many of their projects around the world.

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