A Hilarious Parody Of A Nicki Minaj Song Puts The Humor In A Very Scary Topic

This guy's gonna be the richest dude in Waterworld. Maybe he can make a boat out of all his cash.

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No, no, no, no.
We top our reserves a lit-tle more.
We up glo bal temp, another four.
They say we're getting hotter and hotter.
I'm richer and hotter.
Can't shut me down.

Yo! What Good is it to save the planet if we suffer?
With out our oil, life's a bummer.
CO2, you be our boo.
You - burn - it, we- earn -it, that's on you.
Drill It, spill it, that's what we do.
And you pay the bill bitch,
...for the clean up too.

Cause we pay to play.
Makes you want to shout?
But....we control the waves that drown you out. Okay...

You say.
We say:
We got the best...cash money can flow.

You say:
We say:
We got our own. Let the big man choose.


Oh, oh oh, oh...
We top the reserves a little more.
Global temp is up, four plus four.

They say the water's getting higher and higher.
Oh. Market's on fire.
Won't shut this down.

Drown the alarm!
Drown the alarm!

Oh, oh, oh.
Can't find no fuel to burn no more.
Can't see land.
No trees.
No shore.
You know, we getting wetter and wetter.
Sicker not better.
It's over now.

Drown the alarm!
Drown the alarm!
The Alarm!
The Alarm!
The Alarm!

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This catchy parody of the musical masterpiece of our time, "Pound the Alarm" by Nicki Minaj, is by Mitch Klebanoff and stars Lucas Grabeel. ("OMG it's that guy from 'High School Musical'!" you say? Well whaddya know!) If you want to make a difference and stop this impending global disaster, go get involved at 350.org. Not tomorrow, not next week — today.

May 02, 2014

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