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Guy uses DoorDash to sell frozen pizza.

Sometimes you have an idea so crazy that you convince yourself that it's crazy enough to be brilliant. Before you know it you're online at 2 a.m. ordering a ridiculous amount of supplies to start your innovative but half-baked new venture. If you've never experienced the late-night dopamine rush of planning out a side hustle bound to make you rich, have no fear, you can live vicariously through this TikTok user, Caden. According to Caden's TikTok account, he decided to open a virtual pizza place by purchasing frozen pizzas from Walmart and reselling them on DoorDash.

Keep in mind, this is TikTok, so this could totally be a massive prank, but Caden goes through all the motions to make it extremely convincing. His bold antics kind of make you wonder if what he's claiming to do is even legal or able to be sanctioned by the health department. In his video he explains that he buys the frozen pizzas in bulk from his local Walmart before taking them home to cook them and package them in custom boxes. There's even a short clip of him getting admonished for his proclivity to clear out the frozen pizzas. This could all be an elaborate ruse and if it is, you have to give him points for creativity and dedication.


Selling Frozen Walmart Pizzas on DoorDash🍕 #sidehustles #sidehustle #teenentrepreneur #sidehustleideas #doordash #doordashdriver

Caden's entire page is all about testing side hustles found on TikTok, but this DoorDash pizza delivery video has clearly piqued people's curiosity. The video currently has more than 4 million views. While opening a "virtual restaurant" may seem like a quick way to make a buck, you should probably check with your local health department and business association to figure out legality.

Hopefully Caden is just a really clever jokester that just hasn't let us in on the joke, but if not, I imagine DoorDash and other powers that be might have some questions.