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Viral kids' librarian responds to being bullied online and it's a lesson in kind clapbacks

“I hope they experience kindness. I hope they experience joy.”

Librarian's response to online bullying is a beautiful lesson.

No one enjoys being made fun of. It can be difficult to manage no matter how old you are, but the internet has brought teasing and bullying to a whole new level. People no longer have to see their bullies face-to-face, and instead of maybe someone turning a few of their friends against you, it's a few hundred or few thousand joining in on the teasing.

In this digital age, people are still trying to learn new ways to deal with finding themselves on the receiving end of online bullies. Mychal, a librarian who has become a viral sensation for his unique way of excitedly telling people about the library, recently found out he was the subject of online bullies. He had no idea anyone was teasing him until followers started doing mental health check-ins to make sure he was okay.

Once he found out why his community was reaching out with concern, the librarian decided to address the situation head on and in the process he gave a masterclass in kindness.

Mychal reveals that the offending post is on "Twitter," (now known as X) and some comments are so bad that he refused to repeat them. He also advised that his followers not look at the comments under the thread due to their inappropriate, harmful nature. According to the librarian, people mocked the way he spoke, his mannerisms and more. But instead of angrily responding, Mychal reminded his followers that sometimes people have bad days.

"I am talking about this because I want people to remember that sometimes people have their worst day and they are really struggling in life," Mychal says. "Sometimes what that results in is they say very mean, very cruel things about other people, which is not okay. It's not okay to say mean, cruel things about people."

He further explains that he is reminding himself along with others that sometimes people are saying mean things because that's what they feel about themselves. Mychal went on to wish the bullies kindness and joy in their lives to top off his lesson in handling internet bullies. While being on the receiving end of bullying does hurt, it's people like Mychal that let others know they're not alone. Commenters were quick to remind the librarian of the same.


Quite a few people messaged me “mental health check” before I became aware of that Twitter thread, and I just want to say, “THANK YOU!” 💚 #BookTok #LibraryTikTok #Storytime

"Obviously they're not kind library friends. Sending love, Mychal. You're great.," one person writes.

In a three-part comment, one viewer wanted Mychal to know just how much he was appreciated. "Mychal, I'm not even kidding but every single time you come onto my for you page, you make my day. I love when I see you on my page because you just make me feel so genuinely safe. You are such a sweet, wonderful, and truly beautiful person, and I'm sorry that some people are so miserable that they feel the need to bring you down. But I just want you to know that you are deeply appreciated. By me, and by all the other people who look forward to seeing your content every day, I can't even express to you or properly thank you for what you've done for me and others."

Clearly the community Mychal has built is amazing, and no matter what the bullies say, his followers are there with enough positive affirmations to last a lifetime. Keep being you, Mychal. It's obvious that your voice is needed.