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funny pet videos

Cat learns to run on two feet after front leg amputations

Babies are really adaptable. The same can be said for baby animals and it's likely because they just don't know any other way of life so they just go with it. But even knowing that, it's still hard to imagine a kitten getting around with no front legs.

Cats essentially use everything from their whiskers to their tails to balance, so how would one walk without two of it's four legs? The answer is, carefully at first. Duck is a kitten that had to have both of her front legs completely amputated after she was rescued and while she was wobbly at first, she quickly adapted.

Duck's human, Cody shares her daily shenanigans on his Instagram page aptly named Purrasic Duck. But recently he told Duck's story to The Dodo revealing her rescue story and the kitten's quick moves. If you're having a hard time picturing a two-legged cat on the run, it looks a lot like a furry velociraptor chasing a laser pointer.

"I ended up naming her Duck because she kinda waddled. She'd kinda take it slow, she waddled trying to figure out her balance," Cody tells The Dodo.

Before long though, Duck was off to play with her much larger dog brothers. Her pug brother even offers her a little assistance in the face cleaning area since Duck doesn't have paws to do it herself. No worries, she returns the favor by cleaning his face too. It's an adorable relationship but if you want to see a furry velociraptor chase after cat toys, you'll need to watch the video below.

This article originally appeared on 11.15.23

Woman copies her cat's behaviors in hilarious videos

It's not a surprise to pet owners that sometimes pets get on your nerves. Every pet has their own personality and can sometimes be a pain in the posterior when their quirks clash with yours. But you're the human and the one with opposable thumbs so you adapt to their weird habits while continuing to be the one to open their treats.

Surely there are things about humans that pets probably don't like but since they can't talk, we will likely never know. It doesn't make their behaviors any less annoying so one cat mom decided to get back at her cat Aurora for all of her cat behaviors–like biscuit making.

Of course it would be much more beneficial if the biscuits Aurora made were real, edible and brought in a decent income but alas they are not. They're simply imaginary biscuits made on the soft smushy flesh of humans.

Cats "make biscuits" or kneed when they're feeling happy and feeling secure according to Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital. It's a sweet show of affection that can be painful for the person on the receiving end. It's also an activity that seems to be timed for maximum inconvenience so Aurora's mom decided to return the favor.

She waited until the cat was sleeping to make her move, sneaking up on the comfy feline to make biscuits on her belly. The pay back shenanigans didn't stop there, though. Aurora's human wanted the cat to get the full affect of what it was like to be interrupted with the goings on of felines so in another video, she had to get a hairball out right next to the resting cat's head. You know, it wouldn't come out anywhere else.


NOT SO FUN NOW IS IT #catsoftiktok #cattok

"I didn't see her spring into action and tote you off to a safe place to expel your fur ball," a commenter writes.

"Ugh they're so dramatic when you do anything back to them," someone comments.

In one video, Aurora's mom gets random nigh-time zoomies during the day. Annoyingly running quickly back and forth, spinning in circles as the tabby cat looks unamused.


I awoken the locus outside 😂 #catsoftiktok #cattok

The cat was equally unimpressed with her mom's hunting skills when she brought Aurora a dead bug as a gift. Maybe she thought the gift could've been bigger or maybe she didn't like mom encroaching on her hunting territory. The world will never know.

"She's like how dare you think I'm a bad hunter," one person laughs.

"She said this is why I bring you food and not the other way around," another person says.

You can follow Aurora and her human on their TikTok page roro.cat to see some of the latest shenanigans they're up to and maybe join in on their fun.


I think she liked it! #catsoftiktok #cattok

Dog waits patiently for human after being caught in couch cover

Dogs are certainly entertaining if they're nothing else. You never know what sort of nonsense they're going to get into while you're away or even down the hall. Dogs have dug holes in couches to play in the foam, spread trash all over the floor because they smelled an empty peanut butter container. Some dogs have even found their way to their owner's roofs for no apparent reason outside of getting closer to the birds.

One dog and his dog sibling were snoozing away while their owners were out. The couch one of the dogs was sleeping on had a fitted sheet or couch cover draped over it...until the dog got startled almost rolling off the couch. While the brown pooch was attempting to correct himself so he didn't land on his back, the couch cover decided to turn the poor dog into a burrito.

He successfully got turned around in time to gently hop onto the floor but everything went black.

The dog was completed wrapped up in the blanket totally not freaking out at all. Okay, maybe he was freaking out a little bit but his brother was actually planning to rescue him...until it wigged him out too and he was left to figure it out on his own. But it didn't take long at all for him to realize that maybe being a couch cover ghost wasn't so bad after all. Thankfully after his quick stint as a Halloween decoration, humans walked through the door to free him. The video was shared by LADbible Australia and commenters got a good belly laugh.

"Well I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time," one person writes.

"Bless the dog who decides to sit and patiently wait for the blanket to be removed," a commenter says.

"The fact the dog sat and accepted its fate," another person laughs.

Other commenters pointed out the more serious side of this common situation dogs can find themselves in. One person writes, "Well hopefully now you know that's a danger to the pups when you leave them alone at home and don't do it anymore."

Another says, "Poor baby! While it's hysterical and the baby is safe, it's still scary to know what could have happened had their humans not arrived home so soon!"

Dogs often behave like unsupervised toddlers. They're still trying to figure out the world with their disadvantage of non-opposable thumbs halfway up their wrists. That means that they sometimes get into hilarious but sticky situations that require human intervention. So while this video will certainly tickle funny bones, it's also a great reminder to secure your couch covers or securely crate your pup while unsupervised.

Pig keeps sneaking away to eat pumpkins in the neighborhood

Pigs can make some interesting pets. While most people aren't walking around with one of those giant 600 pound pigs in their house, the much smaller versions can be found hanging out in suburban backyards or sleeping in a dog bed inside. But no matter how domesticated a pig is, they're still pigs and pigs get into things, especially when there's food involved.

One woman's pig decided to show his escape skills when the neighbor's decided to set pumpkins out on their front porch. Carlton quickly became known as a pumpkin thief around the neighborhood because he didn't stop at one neighbor. Oh no, it was spooky season, pumpkins were everywhere and by pumpkins we're talking cute carved jack-o-lanterns.

Carlton did not care about the craftsmanship of these pumpkins or how long it took the family to carve them. All the pig knew was that he wanted them in his belly at all costs.

The pigs human was not only mortified when she saw him snacking on someone else's pumpkin in her back yard, she was baffled as to how he got it. But it didn't take her long to figure out how much of an escape artist he really was. Amanda, the pig's owner tried everything to keep him from getting out but nothing seemed to work.

"It didn't matter what I tried, changing the locks, changing the leash. He was going to find a way to get out and get people's pumpkins," Amanda tells The Dodo.

Thankfully the neighbors weren't upset and after Halloween, they brought the little pumpkin stealer all the pumpkins he could eat. But Carlton had a surprise for his mom, this whole time he had actually been planting the pumpkin seeds by rolling the pumpkins around to get the seeds out and while he was rooting around in the yard eating, he was inadvertently planting. Or maybe it was on purpose. Either way, the next spring Amanda's front yard was full of pumpkins.

Watch the video to find out what Carlton's family did with all of the pumpkins.