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family dresses as duck

Family's dog is best friends with a life-sized duck

Many dogs like children have favorite toys. You can usually tell it's their favorite because it's the one toy that somehow never loses the stuffing and they always know where it's located. They often play with it in a much gentler way, gnawing on it instead of biting and tucking it away in a safe place so no one else gets it. Dogs really are invested in their favorite toys so what dog wouldn't love a life sized version to play with?

Charlie a happy-go-lucky golden retriever is living every dog's dream with a life-sized animated stuffy of his favorite dog toy. His humans bought a costume that looks just like his favorite toy, a stuffed duck by the name of Mr. Quackers. The family went viral March 2022 when they revealed their dog's reaction to giant Mr. Quackers but they've since uploaded a new video showing all the things the giant duck and Charlie do together.

It's almost as if with the right theme music the pair could make the perfect sitcom all about a life-sized duck who has a goofy pooch as a pet.

In a video uploaded recently, Mr. Quackers is being the perfect responsible owner. The duck takes Charlie on a walk, gives him a bath and of course plays with the excited dog. Of course, Charlie surely smells his mom or dad in the costume which probably makes the experience even better but commenters can't seem to get enough of their shenanigans.

"Had a bad day but now I can go to sleep happy and with a smile on my face. Keep spreading the love big smiles from Germany," someone writes.

"I love this. It’s totally bonkers but look how happy your dog is. It’s made me smile," another commenter says.

"You are the kindest, most loving dog people ever! And your dog is certainly the happiest in Dogland! I love this so much," someone else comments.

Everybody loves Charlie and Mr. Quackers! Hopefully there will be more adventures uploaded to their official Instagram page so their fans can continue to follow their odd couple love fest. In the meantime, you can check out the video of Mr. Quackers doing all of the things for his favorite golden retriever.