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funny parenting moments

Dad's sweet moment with daughter turned into a roasting session

Have kids, they said. It'll be great, they said. Well, one dad may have a bone to pick with those mysterious "they," in that colloquial saying. A man running the Instagram account Havea_676, posted a video that has parents on the internet not only laughing at his tender moment turned embarrassing, but sharing their own savage kid moments.

The dad was having a sweet moment with his daughter asking her about her day and what she was excited about for the next day before tucking her into bed. Things appeared to be going well and his daughter who is off camera can be heard answering all of the questions. But at some point during the father daughter moment, the little girl was over the many questions the man was asking.

"Daddy, can you please stop with your questions, I'm trying to sleep and also your breath stinks," the litter girl reveals.

Yikes. Dad didn't have much to say after that bombshell. He simply readjusts so his mouth isn't pointing in her direction and says, "goodnight, I love you." There went that sweet moment being caught on video but after uploading the unexpected roast session, the dad was joined by fellow parents commiserating.

"Kids are brutally honest with no filter. I was helping my daughter button her shirt one morning and I asked her if she brushed her teeth. She said yes… then there was an awkward pause before she frowned and said 'did you? Cuz it don’t smell like it' Needless to say I don’t help the lil heffa get dressed for school anymore lol," one mom says.

"Kids know how to cut deep with one slice!! Haha," someone else writes.

"I came home yesterday and asked my daughter if she missed me…She said NO with her whole chest," another commenter reveals.

Kids are just brutally honest until they get a bit older to realize there are gentler ways to deliver news. But if this dad learned one thing from his lengthy conversation, it's to brush your teeth before goodnight chats so you don't melt your kid's face off.

This article originally appeared on 1.29.24