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One little girl gives a brutally honest review of New York

Nobody has as much unabashed tell-it-like-it-is-ness as little kids. They simply haven’t grown into their social filter yet, and speak whatever is on their mind…often to quite amusing results.

Hence why people can’t help but laugh at one little girl’s brutal review of New York, all told in real time, thanks to her mom attaching a small camera onto her sweater as they traipse about the Big Apple.

“Mamaaaaa, I don’t like [it] here in New Yooooork. There’s a lot of rubbish,” whines little Jette Blackman, made even more adorable by her Aussie accent.

“You said it’s pretty,” she laments as they jet around Times Square (which, to be fair, does have a lot of trash, and is even bigger eye sore through the kiddie cam). “Mama, don’t lie to me next time — lying is not fun.”

“Look at all the stuff on the floor…there’s so many people here…What’s so stinky?” Doesn’t sound like Jette is gonna want to come back anytime soon.

Well, maybe not. She was impressed by the McDonald’s, which was apparently “copied” from Australia. Who’s gonna tell her?

Luckily, Jette’s harsh critique was not shared by her brother Nimo, who couldn’t contain his delight while exclaiming "it's soooooooo fun!"

Watch the video below:

@theblackmanfamily And this is the honest review of Jette about NY 😁 how did I get all of this? I used the @insta360 GO 3 🤭 soooo good!!! #Insta360 #Insta360FamCam @insta360_official ♬ original sound - The Blackman Family

Despite Jette not having a fun time, viewers fell in love with her commentary. Many even agreed with her assessment of the city.

“The most honest review I have ever seen. God Bless that little angel,” one person wrote.

Another added, “As a New Yorker this is valid.”

One person even said “We need her review for all the cities.” Which might actually be possible, since the Blackman family does travel and cruise to all sorts of places together.

Though Jette isn’t fond of New York, she did seem to enjoy Toronto and Vegas a bit more.

But if you’re still in the mood for Jette’s more, ahem, negative, review,s this one from Universal Studios is equally delightful.