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Lisa Beasley as Corporate Erin

Comedian Lisa Beasley is making people squirm on TikTok with her character, Corporate Erin. Erin is a parody of the typical corporate employee in America, complete with her corporate accent, corporate gulp and mastery of corporate jargon.

She even has the perfect corporate job title: The manager for the managerial logistics of management at McManagement.

In her videos, Erin talks at you in your “one-on-one” meeting while clutching her coffee cup for dear life, uncomfortably gyrating in her chair and adjusting her glasses. Erin has the unique ability to talk at length using corporate word salad while saying absolutely nothing. But she definitely wants to circle back with you to be sure you have the deliverables for the rollout. Okayyyyyy?

In this video with over 9 million views, Erin explains how she has taken over her creator’s feed because she doesn’t have the “bandwidth.”


Hi, #CorporateErin here taking over social media for Lis. If you have any questions regarding my new position, please follow up with me in the comments. Im only here to do whats best for the business.

Beasley described the thrust of the Erin character to the Huffington Post. “There’s also just kind of a layer of passive aggressiveness as well, and defensiveness and just kind of always making sure that I’m drilling home my points or my objectives,” Beasley said.

The videos are all too real for many people who follow Beasley on TikTok.

“This is SPOT ON. The corporate accent, the nonsense, the talking for 30 min and saying nothing,” one commenter said. “You encounter a version of me in every workplace,” Beasley, as the Erin character, told 13 News.

It looks like we’ve finished this a bit early, so we’ll give you your minute back.