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80s christmas


People love this '80s mom's sarcastic response to getting a mixer for Christmas

"Just think of the tasty treats I can make my family with this mixer."

Every mom can relae to Susan Alvillar in 1988.

A mother’s exasperated reaction to getting Christmas gifts from her family in 1988 shows that things haven’t changed much for mothers in 35 years.

Jordan Alvillar, 36, was transferring his family’s old camcorder footage when he found this goldmine of footage of his mother. "I digitized my family's home videos from the '80s," Jordan Alvillar, 36, captioned a TikTok video. "Here's my mom's soul leaving her body on Christmas Day!"

The shining moment is when Alvillar’s mother, Susan, opens up her gift, a Kitchen-Aid mixer. "It's a mixer!" Susan says to the camera in a sarcastic deadpan. "Boy, oh boy, I can't wait to use that to make my husband a wonderful meal."

"Just think of the tasty treats I can make my family with this mixer,” she continued. Even though she asked for the mixer, there’s something a little sad about giving a woman a kitchen appliance as a gift.


I digitized my family’s home videos from the 80s. Here’s my mom’s soul leaving her body on Christmas day! #familyvideos #homevideos #christmas #snarkyhumor #familymemories #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged

"Isn't this just a wonderful holiday season? I'm so glad I've been able to cook and clean and just do things like a regular housewife should!" Susan says later in the video, to which her husband jokingly responds: "A woman's work is never done!"

Women in the comments applauded Susan’s timeless performance on Christmas 1988.

"It's like those clips you see on True Crime. ‘She seemed like a normal housewife. But she was about to murder them all,’” Bonky wrote. "I am a Mom in 2023 & I strongly feel every word she’s saying. Exhausted & overwhelmed Moms are timeless," Erin added. "So moms have always been like this. I love it!" Milli commented.