Service dog flunks out of training school in spectacular fashion

The other dogs can't believe what they are seeing.

Service dog flunks out of training school in spectacular fashion

Double H Canine Academy in Louisville, Kentucky is a place where dog owners can take their rambunctious pets and have them turned into respectable members of the family.

However, as you can tell in this hilarious video, not all dogs are meant to follow orders.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Ryker.

Double H Canine Training Academy... Epic Service Dog Training Failure

Ryker giving it his all before flunking our of Service Dog Training School

As you can see below, Ryker is living his life to the fullest. While he may never be the world's greatest service dog, he continues to provide an invaluable testament to being true to one's self.

RYKER “The Purpose Driven Dog"🐕........

This article originally appeared on 02.26.20

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Here’s a paycheck for a McDonald’s worker. And here's my jaw dropping to the floor.

So we've all heard the numbers, but what does that mean in reality? Here's one year's wages — yes, *full-time* wages. Woo.

Making a little over 10,000 for a yearly salary.

I've written tons of things about minimum wage, backed up by fact-checkers and economists and scholarly studies. All of them point to raising the minimum wage as a solution to lifting people out of poverty and getting folks off of public assistance. It's slowly happening, and there's much more to be done.

But when it comes right down to it, where the rubber meets the road is what it means for everyday workers who have to live with those wages. I honestly don't know how they do it.

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Last-Minute Easter Prep Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

With CVS, you're just a hop away from all the essentials you need to craft unforgettable Easter memories.

Easter is all about making memories, from the pastel-colored eggs to the joyous family gatherings and the giddy wait for the Easter Bunny's grand entrance. It's those special moments that fill the scrapbooks of our hearts. Yet, as the holiday hops closer, the panic of last-minute prep starts to feel like we're in a race with the Easter Bunny himself—and he's winning. But fear not, because CVS is sliding into the Easter scene like a bunny on a mission, ready to turn that holiday prep sprint into a leisurely bunny hop.

With CVS, there's no need for frantic store-hopping. They've got shelves overflowing with all the Easter essentials, turning what could be a mad dash into a smooth slide into the holiday. Here, amidst the aisles, you'll find everything to make this Easter not just another checkbox on the holiday list, but a treasure trove of laughter, joy, and those priceless family moments. So, wave goodbye to stress and welcome a holiday brimming with delight, all thanks to your unexpected Easter sidekick: CVS.

CVS Has All Your Easter Essentials

CVS might already be your go-to spot for everything from a quick pharmacy pickup to snagging your favorite shampoo on the fly. Known for lining its shelves with everything necessary for the day-to-day, CVS is a familiar face in the realm of health, beauty, and those oh-so-necessary essentials that keep our lives humming along smoothly. But, as the Easter eggs start to roll in, CVS unveils its festive side, hopping well beyond its usual fare to surprise and delight with a treasure trove of Easter goodies.

Yes, nestled among the aisles of practical finds, CVS transforms into an Easter wonderland with everything you need weave cherished Easter memories. It's like discovering a hidden garden of Easter surprises, where every turn reveals another essential to make your celebration sparkle.

Cottondale Crafting Eggs

Easter just isn't Easter without the timeless tradition of egg decorating. But not everyone likes making hard boiled eggs, let alone eating them. Luckily CVS has the perfect solution Cottondale Crafting Eggs. These plastic crafting eggs are little blank canvases that will bring out your family’s burst of creativity. Perfect for everyone from tiny tots to grandpas with a flair for the artistic, these eggs are your ticket to a fun-filled Easter.

Of course, CVS has traditional egg-dying kits as well. But why stop at eggs? CVS has all sorts of supplies to take your Easter crafts to the next level. Because Easter isn’t about perfection, it’s about laughing over blobs of glue, mismatched colors, and those oh-so-proud “Look what I made!” moments.

Cottondale Round Basket

Need Easter baskets for all your eggs and other goodies? CVS has you covered with the Cottondale Round Basket. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, this basket will be the centerpiece of your Easter morning, putting twinkles of joy in your little bunnies' eyes.

And because CVS knows that Easter is all about personal touches, why not take that Cottondale Round Basket and make it uniquely yours? With a plethora of decorations and trinkets available right beside those baskets, CVS turns into your Easter customization station. Add a sprinkle of personal flair with stickers, ribbons, or even a bit of Easter grass to nestle those eggs snugly. It's these little touches that transform a simple basket into a cherished memory, making this Easter not only festive but uniquely yours. So, grab that basket and let your creativity hop wild!

Don’t Forget the Peeps!

What's fluffy, sweet, and absolutely essential for Easter? Peeps, of course! No Easter basket, no matter how beautifully crafted or creatively filled, is truly complete without these iconic sugary treats. They're the marshmallowy delight that everyone, from the youngest egg hunters to the eldest family members, looks forward to. And guess what? CVS is your ultimate Peeps destination, offering an array of colors and flavors that cater to every taste and preference. Whether you're a fan of the classic yellow chicks or you're adventurous enough to try the rainbow varieties, there's a Peep for every palate.

And FYI, Peeps aren’t just for baskets. These versatile treats can play a starring role in your Easter desserts, too. Why not nestle them atop your cupcakes for a pop of color or create a Peep-tastic centerpiece for your Easter table? The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. So you’ll definitely want to stock up on these festive favorites and make your Easter celebration one to remember.

Make Easter Easy with CVS

As the final touches of paint dry on your crafting eggs and your baskets begin to brim with an assortment of colorful Easter treats, remember that this stress-free, joy-filled Easter prep was made possible by CVS. From the aisles filled with crafting supplies to the shelves stocked with Easter delicacies, CVS offers the convenience and variety that turns holiday preparation from a frantic scramble into a delightful hop. It’s your one-stop shop for ensuring that your Easter is not only memorable but also marvelously easy.

So, why wait? Make this Easter one to remember. Hop on over to CVS.com right now and get 20% off pickup orders with code SPRING20.


This woman's powerful 'before and after' photos crush myths about body positivity

"Body positivity is about saying that you are more than a body and your self-worth is not reliant on your beauty."

Michelle Elman, a body positivity coach, helps people who are struggling to find confidence in their own skin.

After persevering through numerous medical conditions and surgeries in her own life, Elman realized a few years ago that body positivity wasn't just about size or weight. Things like scars, birthmarks, and anything else that makes us feel different of self-conscious have to be a part of the conversation, and she tries to make the movement accessible to everyone.

Sharing her own journey has been one of her most effective teaching tools.

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5-star Scottish resort offers whimsical afternoon tea experience with 'naughty sheep'

Cameron House's Woolly Wellness retreat includes tea in the garden with adorably rude guests.

Cameron House/Naughty Sheep

Cameron House's Woolly Wellness retreat includes a unique sheep encounter.

Remember when "goat yoga" was all the rage? And then "cow cuddling" and "turkey cuddling" made everyone's bucket lists?

Now we can add "nuzzling with naughty sheep" to the mix, but with a fancy Scottish twist.

Less than an hour from Glasgow, Scotland, the Cameron House resort sits on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, looking as if it were plucked straight out of a fairy tale. Sprawling green grounds, gorgeous lake views and a four-story castled mansion greet guests as their "home away from home" (only better), and a perusal of the reviews show guests raving about the 5-star resort's elegance, beauty and exceptional service.

I mean, just look at this place:

drone view of cameron house grounds and lakeCameron House sit on Lake Lochmond in Scotland.Cameron House

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@caitlin.the.realtor/TikTok, used with permission

Wait, so 90's fashion is in, but 90's hair is out?

Every era has its own version of what’s attractive. And very rarely does that aesthetic hold power with the following generation. In fact, it often becomes the opposite of cool.

Just think of Elvis. He might have been a universal sex symbol for a time, but it also wasn’t long before his pompadour became passé. Same goes for Paul Newman’s rugged manliness, David Cassidy’s babyface, Tom Selleck’s mustache. Indeed, for everything a season.

Which brings us to the 90s. The age of beach blonde surfer boys (real surfing skills not required, but a plus). Of flannel, lots of flannel, and super chiseled bodies. Let’s not forget this was the dawning of the term “metrosexual,” and also the time period that brought us that Calvin Klein ad with Mark Wahlburg.

How exactly would these guys measure up with the Gen Z kids today?

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A wild Eurasian crow befriended a toddler and won't leave his side

Crows are so much smarter than we think.

A Eurasian crow.

A family from Denmark has created a touching video montage documenting their unique friendship with a wild Eurasian crow. This crow, affectionately named Russell, has become an honorary member of their household, forming special bonds with each family member, including the pets.

However, the crow's relationship with their son, 2-year-old Otto, is truly extraordinary. “They could spend hours just playing,” Otto’s mother, Laerke Luna, says in a video shared by The Dodo. "When Otto is outside, he will never leave Otto’s side.”

Russell, the free-spirited crow, ventures away from the family's home from time to time, but never for too long. He always comes back and announces his return by tapping on the door, swooping in to lounge on the sofa, or awaiting Otto's return from school atop their roof.

“When we are inside, he will sit inside the window because he wants Otto to go outside with him,” Laerke said.

The family’s relationship with Russell didn’t come out of nowhere. When Russell was a young bird, he had health problems so the family took him and nursed the bird back to health. Eventually, they witnessed his first attempts to fly.

Recently, Russell became friends with another family member, their second child, Hedwig. Although he does get a little annoyed with the bird’s frequent attempts to nab his pacifier.

Even though it’s rare for humans to strike up such a close bond with a crow, according to research, it’s not that surprising. Audubon says that crows are “some of the smartest animals in the world” with an intelligence “on par with chimpanzees.” They are also very social and family-oriented, so no wonder Russell loves Otto and his family.

Crow Named Russell Waits For His Favorite Kid To Get Home From School | The Dodo