Politician Crosses Line That Makes Even The Most Partisan Guys In His Own Party Shame Him In Public

So John Boehner, the speaker of the House, decided that we could all wait until next House session before voting on much-needed relief for the victims of Superstorm Sandy across multiple states. The Republicans stripped $60 billion in Sandy relief from the fiscal cliff bill for unknown reasons. But they kept $9 billion in offshore tax loopholes [1] for companies. Even though there are STILL people without water and power [2] and basic necessities. His idea was so mind-bogglingly awful that members of his own caucus from the impacted states are screaming mad. They are yelling to any outlet that will listen to them that this is a really, really, bad idea. Here's a couple of the spectacularly blunt assesments from members of the GOP. 

Rep. Peter King, one of the most partisan members of his party, is not amused.

Neither is Gov. Chris Christie, one of the least partisan members of his party.

Hopefully we can get him to listen. Tweet this. Share this. Fight this. 

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