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wednesday addams

Pop Culture

Mom gives her daughter's pink nursery a delightfully goth 'Wednesday Addams' makeover

"Love when parents support their kid's interest," one stunned viewer wrote.


Even Wednesday would smile at this.

Some crafty parents really get a kick out of going all out to decorate their kid’s room. During the toddler years, this might be much easier. Some fluffy clouds painted here, a creative stuffed animal display there, throw a cutesy cartoon painting on the wall and call it a day.

But when that kid gets older and starts developing their own distinct personality, well, that’s another kettle of fish. Now you have outside input based on your child’s new tastes, never knowing if those tastes will last a few years or a few weeks. And often, it’s a complete departure from what was previously established.

Case in point: this mom who turned her daughter’s whimsical pink bedroom into an all-black goth girl fantasy in honor of the 6-year-old’s newfound obsession with Wednesday Addams.

In a video posted to her TikTok, Nicola Marie shares that the room makeover is a surprise. She is then seen turning the walls, bedspread, dresser, rug and curtains delightfully gloomy, all while the Wednesday Addams version of Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black” plays. Nice touch.

@nicola__marie Surprising my daughter with a new Wednesday bedroom #roommakeover #surprise #surprisemakeover #wednesday #wednesdayaddams#kidsbedroom #interiordesign #decor #gothgirl #gothdecor #paintitblack ♬ Paint It Black - Wednesday Addams

Marie was also really clever by incorporating dark purple hues and bold black-and-white patterns, staying true to the theme while adding some dynamic touches. Plus, you gotta love the three silhouette-y pictures showing Jenna Ortega as Wednesday doing her iconic dance right above the bed.

Marie revealed that this entire project cost $1,200 (yowza), but judging by her daughter’s elated reaction to the surprise, it seems well worth it.

And she wasn’t the only one in love with the design. Several adults—proudly still in their emo phase—wanted it for themselves. And even more applauded Marie for supporting what brings her daughter joy.

“Love when parents support their children’s interests,” the top comment read.

As for how Marie feels about the possible impermanence of her daughter’s obsession, she’s made it pretty clear in the comments section that she’s completely down with it. When one person joked, “The child: mom I don’t like Wednesday anymore,” she simply responded “The mom: cool, what’s next?”

Now there’s a mom as fabulous as Morticia herself.