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Just in time for the Super Bowl, A cappella group sings 27 years of Usher's music in 5 minutes

What an amazing tribute just ahead of Usher's Super Bowl performance.

A cappella group sings Usher medley spanning 27 years

If you ever want to see a bunch of Millennials go from soccer mom mode to dancing like it's the early 2000s involuntarily–play "Yeah!" by Usher. This doesn't require a specific location. You could play it in the library, grocery store, in a house or with a mouse, these parents are going to dance like nobody's watching much to their children's dismay.

So with Usher confirmed to be the Super Bowl halftime performer, the NFL has essentially agreed to have an Usher concert with some football highlights. In preparation for the big concert, A cappella group Kings Return put together a medley that contains 27 years of Usher's hits and people can't help but sing along. The group starts out with the 1997 hit "You Make Me Wanna..." before seamlessly moving on to the next hit.

Songs like, "My Way," "My Boo," "Confessions," "Let It Burn" and more flow directly into the next to span his entire career from the age of sixteen until now.

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