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Lilly and Evan share the joys of having 2 incomes and no kids.

The DINK phase of life is as carefree as can be. You’re with the love of your life. You have few responsibilities and that means more disposable income and time. So many people love the double income, no kids lifestyle that they are one of America's fastest-growing populations.

As of 2022, 43% of U.S. households were childless, a 12% increase over the past 10 years. Another study found that a majority of DINKs (51%) enjoy the lifestyle and say they have no plans for having any children.

This major change could be attributed to the attractiveness of having more money and time, but it also has a lot to do with the cost of raising children these days. A recent report from Lending Tree found that it now takes over $230,000 to raise a child over 18 years.

A Utah couple, Lilly Anne, 21, and her husband Evan, 21, created a video on TikTok that celebrates the DINK lifestyle and it’s gone viral, attracting over 3.4 million views. In the video, the happy couple shares all of the things they enjoy about having two incomes and no children.


Living the best life, the D.I.N.K life 😎 #dink #nokids #couple #fyp

“We're DINKs. We are going to get asked daily when we plan on having kids,” Lilly opens the video. “We're DINKs, of course, we are going to go out to eat every night after work,” Evan responds.

The couple then lists every thing they love about being DINKS including, never missing a football game, playing 18 holes of golf without worry, not having to hire a babysitter, or ask for financial help from parents. Most importantly, they get to spend money on themselves, not a kid.

“We are DINKs. We are going to get asked at every family event what we are doing with our life,” Lilly concludes the video.

The video appears to be very lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek, especially given that Lilly and Evan — like many others of their ilk — are often badgered by family members about having kids. The video is their gentle pushback to those who think they need to have children.

The video received a lot of angry responses from parents who didn’t get the joke.

"Likely to be together and maybe married then soon divorced,” Raymond wrote in the comments. "Life without kids is so vapious," D33g0 added.

"You also will die scared, alone and no one will care and no one will remember you. Good luck with that." FordFairlane wrote.

It was clear from the comments that many people missed the video's lighthearted humor. "Until I read these comments, I didn’t realize once you have kids, you lose all ability to recognize satire," a user wrote. "I will never understand people who get so upset about other people's choice to not have kids. so weird," Ash added.

The negative comments inspired Evan and Lilly to create a follow-up video: “Evan and I are watching you guys blow up my comment section over some lighthearted joke.”


The caption says enough..🫣 #dink #couple #fyp