This mom dropped her cooking and broke into joyful dance when the beat dropped.

We all have that song that gets us every time. No matter our mood, no matter where we are or who we're with, when the rhythm starts popping, we just have to dance.

Okay, maybe not all of us. But if you know, you know. And this Punjabi momma knows.

Self-described actor and prankster Gagandeep Anand shared a video on TikTok and Instagram of him and his brother Ishwardeep surprising their mom by playing her favorite song. She was cooking in the kitchen when Gagandeep walked in with a stereo and Ishwardeep with a dhol (a traditional Indian drum) and as soon as they started playing, her face lit up like a firework.

Then the most joyful 30 seconds of dancing took place, right there in the Anand kitchen.

The song, "Dhol Jageero Da" by Master Saleem, is commonly played at weddings in Northern India. It's a song that's hard not to dance to just by its nature, but Momma Anand clearly has her own personal history with it. The sheer joy she exudes as she drops her cooking to break into dance? Infectious. And her disappointment when the music stops? Just precious.



Instagram - Guggin94 👀

Her smile and youthful energy, holy moly. And when Gagandeep said he has to dance when he sees his momma dance was adorable. If only they hadn't stopped the music so quickly.

People are loving the video, claiming Momma Anand as their own and delighting in her delight.

"Your momma?" one commenter wrote. "She is now our Momma."

"She literally got younger the moment the music started," wrote another person.

"OMG I've watched this too many times....she was so happy, I couldn't stop smiling," wrote another.

Others scolded the boys for leaving her hanging:

"How y’all gonna tease mom like that… her favorite part was coming up."

"You better go back right now and do it again for her!!!"


Gagandeep frequently features his mom (and dad) in his videos, which usually feature silly pranks. And Momma Anand has her own Instagram page too, where she shares cooking tips.

For more fun with the Anand family, follow Gagandeep (@guggin94) on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube.