A dog keeps a watchful eye over a a spot on the lawn.

A TikTok user named Trisha became alarmed after her senior dog, Jackie, seemed particularly captivated by a specific patch on the yard. The spot on the lawn was also of keen interest to the neighbor's dog, who was poking his nose through the fence, trying to get a closer look.

When Trisha went out to inspect the mysterious patch of grass, she realized the dogs were watching over a snug little burrow, home to a clutch of adorable baby bunnies.

“[My other dog] George didn't care too much about them,” Trisha told The Dodo. “I think he was confused at what they are … Jackie seemed to want to just babysit.”


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At first, Trisha was worried that the dogs may want to harm the cute little bunnies, but that wasn’t an issue. They almost seemed to be protecting the bunnies. Seeing how our four-legged friends can show such care and concern for even the tiniest neighbors is heartwarming.

To ensure the babies are safe, Trisha and her husband set up a security camera to monitor the borrow, and they found a surprise guest coming in at night. It was the bunnies’ mom coming to check on them. Trisha believes that the mother lives beneath her house.

Trisha, her husband, and the dogs will only have a few more weeks to watch over the bunnies. Typically, at about 3 weeks, they are ready to leave the burrow and venture out on their own.

Good luck, little fellas. We'll be rooting for you.