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Matt McCarthy says the weirdest footage he's ever found was that of a dog wedding. Makes sense.

Weddings come in many different shapes and sizes. And species, apparently.

Ask actor and vintage video cassette tape collector Matt McCarthy what the weirdest footage he’s ever uncovered was, and he’ll give you the same answer every time: the dog wedding.

Not just any dog wedding, but a truly elaborate affair—complete with a throng of party guests, two-tier wedding cake and an Elvis impersonator.

In a video posted to his TikTok account, where he entertains over 149,000 followers with his obscure discoveries, McCarthy shows a cassette labeled “Gigi and Barney's Wedding, Beagles Love" dated June 5, 1994.

“Can you believe this summer will be their 29th wedding anniversary? I wonder what they’re up to now,” he quips while dropping the cassette into a VHS player.

At first, we see grainy static that eventually clears to reveal the blushing bride and dashing groom, dressed in a veil and tux.

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There are, of course, some rules to this shindig, which an officiant of some sort shares with the guests, sparing no doggy puns: No tears allowed, just barking. And all hush puppies (shoes, apparently) must be removed. Giggles ensue.

Joining paws, Gigi and Barney then exchange vows. “For better or worse, for fleas or no fleas, for shedding or no shedding.”

"By the power invested in me by the puppy law foundation, I now pronounce you a canine couple," the officiant says. "You may lick your bride, Barney."

And then…party! The camera quickly cuts to an Elvis impersonator, who surely must consider this to be one of his stranger gigs, followed by wedding guests congratulating the lovepups. Barney even gets to cut the cake…with a little help from their human companions.

"VHS tapes," McCarthy says at the end of the clip. "The possibilities are endless."

It might be the strangest footage McCarthy has ever dug up, but it’s also the most loved, going by the TikTok comments.

“I didn’t expect when I opened up TikTok today I’d be witness to a vintage dog wedding 🥰 Life is beautiful,” one person wrote.

“I am forever changed,” added another.

McCarthy literally has hundreds of obscure VHS finds. A good lot of them are taped television programs (Remember when we had to do that?) featuring old commercials that thrust you down memory lane so fast you’ll get whiplash.

You can find McCarthy and his impressive videotape collection on TikTok. And to Gigi and Barney: Congrats. You two were clearly loved, and we hope your marriage was joyous and flea-free.