Angel City Chorale/ Youtube

Angel City Chorale performs "Africa" by Toto

There are nearly 90 known covers of Toto’s “Africa.” Goodness knows there are countless more not recorded. It’s just one of those enduring hits that remains special no matter what clever spin is put on it.

In fact, many renditions continue to be just as timeless as the original. Take for instance this gem from Angel City Chorale (below).

What makes this performance so unique is what happens before any music starts playing—as the singers use their hands to mimic the sounds of rainfall.

First, there’s the small pitter patter, as the group rubs their hands together. At the conductor’s signal, that drizzle becomes heavier with snaps, then turns into a downpour with thigh claps and synchronized jumping…then finally dying down as the intro notes begin to play.

It’s such a simple artistic choice that somehow adds so much.

And of course, the actual singing is glorious.


This cover actually earned Angel City Chorale a standing ovation on “America’s Got Talent” Season 13.

During their audition, founder Sue Fink shared that her mission was to “bring together people of diverse backgrounds and build community and build community when we make something beautiful together.”

Safe to say—that mission is accomplished. Just take as look at how much of an impact this song alone has made:

“Tears of joy. We need more of this positively in the world. Music is universal!”

“Why am I crying. Amazing performance!”

“Jan 2024 and they still rock!”

“Watched this at least 50 times. Wonderful cover.”

“Most outstanding performance. Living in South Africa this hits home and gives me chills.”

Sounds like they really did bless those rains.

If you’d like to hear even more of Angel City Chorale’s amazing covers, head on over to Youtube or Instagram