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super mario bros movie


7-year-old sings ‘Peaches’ at talent show and the whole crowd joins in

He even wore a King Koopa costume for the full effect.

Little boy sings 'Peaches' at talent show and all the kids join in.

"The Super Mario Bros. Movie" has been out for a little while now and kids everywhere have been enthralled. Toys, costumes and repeat screenings of the movie are a pretty common theme in people's houses right now, but there's one thing parents likely hear more than anything from that movie—the "Peaches" song.

"Peaches" is a sweet melody sung by Bowser, otherwise known as King Koopa, about Princess Peach, his eternally unrequited love interest. Koopa has been after Princess Peach since I was a literal child, and while I think it may be time for him to move on, he clearly does not. Thus we are blessed with a tune heard around the world, and thanks to Jack Black, we even have a music video to accompany the song.

But the cutest rendition of "Peaches" comes from a 7-year-old who sang the song at his school's talent show while dressed as Bowser.

The boy's mom, who runs the TikTok page @letsgocairo, uploaded the video that now has over 6.6 million views and more than 730K likes. He takes his seat at the piano and starts plunking out the notes in his King Koopa costume. As soon as he starts to speak the first few words, you hear giggles from the crowd, but once the singing starts, he suddenly isn't alone.

The entire room full of kids watching the talent show start singing along and waving their arms to the music. Parents and teachers in the room are thoroughly amused as they giggle while the kids start shouting, "I love you," which is part of the song.

"Why am I crying? This is so wholesome," one person wrote, complete with crying emojis.

"He got the WHOLE CROWD GOING!!!! TURNED IT INTO A MINI CONCERT! absolutely amazing and so talented!!! great job my dude!!!," another person said.

"I can't love this enough‼️🤣💖" someone wrote.

Several people tagged Jack Black in hopes he would see his tiny protege absolutely making the crowd go wild at an elementary school talent show. Check out the adorable video below.


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