A Polish-style hot dog.

Jalen Tart, a reporter for WISTV, a Columbia, South Carolina, news station, unexpectedly reacted to taking a massive bite of a Polish-style hot dog while at the South Carolina State Fair on Friday, October 13.

Tart was standing next to a hot dog stand employee when he took a bite of the dog, covered in onions, bell peppers, ketchup and onions. But after his first bite, he shook his head as if saying “no,” then he came back with an approving nod.

Initially, Tart didn't chew much of the dog. Instead, he parked it on the side of his mouth and tried to end the segment as soon as possible. “Pretty good,” Tart said, reassuring his guest and the folks back home. “Pretty, pretty good." Many people who’ve seen the video think Tart didn’t like the dog but did his best to be polite.

When the program cut back to the studio, an anchor, who looked like the cat who ate the canary, responded, “Jalen is having a good time at the fair.”

After the clip went viral, Tart told his side of the story to WISTV, blaming his reaction on the fact that he took too big of a bite. “I had the dog in my hand. It was a lot of ingredients,” Tart said. “I love to eat food, so I wanted to have every bit of flavor in my mouth, so I took too big of a bite, and that’s what ended up happening.”

“I did learn my lesson not to bite as much as what I can chew,” he continued.

Whether Tart was disgusted by the Polish-style dog or really did take too big of a bite, he deserves some love for remaining a professional and keeping his composure on live TV.