Man uses Pokemon cards to propose to girlfriend in the most wholesome engagement ever

People are gushing over the simplicity and sweetness of the surprise.

You don't see a Pokémon card proposal every day.

We've seen lots of creative proposals using elaborately planned props—a woman's favorite Disney movie, a fake classroom fight, "Everything, Everywhere, All at Once," and more. But one sweet proposal took a simpler prop approach, with no less happy of an ending.

According to Dexterto, Zachary Rodriguez, 27, had been dating Kati Van Eaton, 23, for nearly 18 months when he decided to pop the big question. Zach and Kati share a love of Pokémon and one of their favorite hobbies is opening new packs of Pokémon cards together.

When Kati started opening her pack of cards with the camera rolling, Zach said he wanted to trade. She said, "A trade? Okay." Then he said "I go first, though."

After looking through the traded stack and not finding anything interesting, it was Kati's turn. She stopped mid-stack for one unusual card that she set aside. But the real surprise card came at the very end—a Fighting Energy card with "Kati Lee Van Eaton Will You Marry Me" written on it.

Her face when she sees it says it all.

Zach got down on one knee and said, "I love you so much, Kati Van Eaton. And I cherish all the times we've been together…I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

And Kati, absolutely beaming, said yes. “I’m so happy!" she said, wiping away tears.




And Part 2:

The proposal took place in 2022, but it's gone viral again and again on social media, with people gushing over the wholesomeness of the whole thing.

"Her face when she realizes is the very definition of pure joy and love," wrote one commenter on Reddit. "They are too cute together."

"Aye, you could tell she was desperate to say 'yes' while he was talking," replied another.

"I’m so happy for them, what an adorable couple," wrote a commenter on X. "Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity."

"Nerd love, it’s precious. This dude is a king!" added another.

Some people mistakenly think romance and love needs to include expensive, elaborate gestures, but all that really matters is that it's genuine.

Here's to these two Pokémon lovers for keeping it real. Here's a glimpse of their wedding:


I’m in love! 🥰🥰🥰 thanks Patrica! #weddingtiktok #wedding @patriciaperezpicazo @patriciaperezphoto

You can see more videos from the big day on Kati's TikTok here.