27 progressive Twitter users worth following for a deeper look at a few familiar topics.

Looking for a more 'social' social network? Give these recommendations a try.

Twitter can be a huge waste of time — unless you're following the right people.

To mix things up, I try to follow new people at every available chance. Finding new voices and views to follow, however, can be challenging. After all, Twitter's "Who to Follow" section can feel a little stale at times. So if, like me, you're on the lookout for some fresh perspectives, here's a short list of some of the people who make my own Twitter feed fun and informative.

1. Sara Benincasa — @SaraJBenincasa

Author and comedian Sara Benincasa is your go-to Twitter account for lighthearted takes on current events, measured opinions on serious matters, and more than a few laughs. Her latest book, "DC Trip," came out late last year, and her next, "Real Artists Have Day Jobs," is due this April.

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Last Friday's tragic shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado alerted many to just how much violence women's health clinics face in America.

While we were all horrified by the news, those who work closely with or volunteer at women's health clinics were not surprised by it. It was one more attack in a long string of endless attacks that they and their colleagues have endured over the years.

Enduring threats of violence is a fact of life for many abortion and women's health care providers. Many work at these clinics behind bulletproof glass and even wear bulletproof vests on the job, as the Guardian reports. The Daily Intelligencer reported that the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood has safe rooms that came in handy during the shooting.

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