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This Policeman *Refused* Orders To Shoot At Demonstrators. He Knew His Kids Would Be In The Crowd.

She studied military science and the ways that blowing things up with violence makes way for change. And she used to think that real change (especially the kind you want to make over an oppressive, Hunger Games-y regime or evil dictator-type) *required* that sort of violence......that it was naive to think that non-violence would work. But she was *so* wrong. And she's telling everyone.

She's basically putting herself out of business by proving that nonviolence makes the most difference. But she's doing it anyway. Because she looked into it, and she's right.

I'm just gonna throw in some of the charts that showed up in this talk:

OooooOoo, OK. That's a lot of failure from the violence stuff.


Let's listen to the story of a dad who found himself in the middle.


Aside from reflecting on how great nonviolence is just alone in our little corner in our own little chair, what *do* we do?

Some ideas.

FIRST: Teach your kids (and yourself about nonviolence and nonviolent movements). She wants us to imagine a world where Gandhi and MLK are in the *FIRST* chapter of the history books and not just thrown in as an afterthought.

I never realized until now just how much my textbooks DID focus on battles and laws and not on the massive civil disobedience and people's movements that preceded them.

I'll get you started. Here's a song about a nonviolent, resistance movement called People Power movement. It happened in the Philippines, and it toppled the Marcos regime.

This song is from the musical "Here Lies Love," and David Byrne (of the Talking Heads) wrote it with Fatboy Slim.

NEXT: Get to pressuring those elected officials who fund violent revolutions around the world. It's *proven* that nonviolence works better for everyone AND that it increases the likelihood that there's a more democratic endpoint in the long run, so wouldn't it be nice — if our nation's money has to go toward revolutions and movements around the world — if it went toward nonviolent ones?

I would feel very naive and silly, almost "Kumbajah" ridiculous, saying all of this if it wasn't PROVEN that nonviolence just works better. If you're still a little skeptical, that's OK! Listen to the video above, then think about it.

And if you're as moved as I was, the best thing you can do is tell people about it, share the video, and speak up. There's strength and power in doing just that.


Unbelievable. Just When You Thought The News About Rape In This Country Couldn't Get Worse.

You know how people describe jaws dropping open at shocking news? Well, it's happening to me. My mouth is agape because I just have no words for this information right here. The injustices here are unfathomable. My gut feels sick when I think of all the survivors who have bravely stepped forward to tell their stories and have had their bodies subjected to pokes and prods after experiencing such a horrific crime ... and then this happens? And the perpetrators. Guess what they might be doing all those years later? Yup. Trigger warning for discussion of violent rape.


She Wanted To Report The Truth, And Ended Up A War Correspondent In Her Own Country

Meet four incredibly tough women journalists in a town once called the "murder capital" of the world. They describe their work, and also why they keep doing it. Fair warning: The video contains very graphic footage of the aftermath of violence.

The scene is set starting at 3:10, when one journalist describes what happened when the military arrived to "help." The journalists interview residents about whether they think politicians can help stop the violence (the one at 19:39 is great), and highlight a very cool campaign they created (at 20:45) to get the attention of people in power. At 27:30 you'll get big goose bumps as one journalist gives a very creepy tour of things she found left behind by police at crime scenes. Underneath all the chaos, there’s an astounding commitment to — and faith in — the city. This is nicely summed up at the end, and further justified by this recent New York Times article, documenting the return of life in the streets.


Sex On The Internet — Be Prepared For Some Highly Unsexy Statistics

Take a few seconds to familiarize yourself with the darker side of the Internet.