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everything everywhere all at once


This proposal is EVERYTHING.

Some proposals have everything. This one has “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once.”

Daniel Le recently proposed to his girlfriend, Annie, by renting out a movie theater for a screening of the 2022 hit A24 movie “Everything, Everywhere All At Once.” Unbeknownst to Annie, this version of the film would be cleverly edited to have Le playing key characters, all leading up to asking for her hand in marriage.

Le contacted multiple independent theaters before finding one that would accommodate his elaborate plan. Then, using a bit of editing wizardry—along with some help from his friends, who arrived at the theater before showtime to hide in the dark so Annie wouldn’t see them—he delivered the surprise of a lifetime.

The funniest part is watching Annie slowly start to get suspicious, even asking, “Why is the [film] quality so bad?” followed by the gleeful laugh of realization as Le shows up on screen in full Dierdre garb, bob wig and all, followed by…well…no spoilers.

Every detail about this proposal, just like the movie it’s based on, is equal parts hilarious and sweet in all the right ways.

But the real pièce de résistance comes during the live portion (seen in a follow-up video) when Le gets down on one knee and can be heard saying, "As long as I get to do laundry and taxes with you,” a nod to an iconic line in the film.

Without further ado, watch “Annie-thing, Annie-where, All At Once” below. It’s perfection.

@danyo_le Theater proposals been done before but hopefully not an EEAAO version LOL 👀 @a24 #everythingeverywhereallatonce #oscarmovie #bestactor #movieproposal #proposal #proposalvideo #movietheater #eeaao #oscars #marriageproposal #engagement #kehuyquan #jamieleecurtis #michelleyeoh ♬ In Another Life - Son Lux

She said yes—of course.

As Le pointed out, theater proposals might have been done before, sure. But folks agreed that this one had its own flavor of epic.


“It’s so nice to see men love this hard, your video and message to her had me tearing up, this is so sweet.”

“Not me crying, this is so funny, wholesome, and creative.”

“You set the bar high bro.”

"Why didn’t this get any Oscars.”

Congrats you two. May you enjoy a life full of laundry, taxes and love.