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elder millennials


Mom shares idea for a Forever 41 for Millennials and people think it's brilliant

90's music, free coffee and awesome clothes that fit. Where do we sign up?

Mom advocates for store called forever 41 for elder Millennials

There's something that happens after you reach a certain age. It's almost like you're back to being stuck in between the aisles of your favorite department store. You no longer feel comfortable in the juniors section of the store but the other side of the aisle can sometimes feel a bit too mature.

If you're not quite ready for fully elastic waisted polyester pants but are way too old to feel comfortable wearing a shirt that's missing random patches of material, then Forever 41 may be the store for you. At least that's if Tara Joon gets her way.

The mom took to social media to propose the store idea geared towards Millennial women. There's already a store called Forever 21, which has clothes for...well, people much closer to 21.

Forever 41 would cater to women in their 40s and it honestly sounds like dream that should absolutely become a reality, especially if Joon's suggestions are realized.

"We need a store called, Forever 41! Where they play the 90s music, free coffee and snacks all around the store. They should have in house therapists near the fitting area for crisis counseling at all times. They should have a bin for portable fans for all of us that are perimenopausal," Joon says.

Joon isn't alone in her desire to have a store specifically designed for middle aged women. There were several commenters giving suggestions on what else should be included.

"How about shirts that are actually long enough to reach the top of my hips? Is that too much to ask, fashion industry?!?!," one person writes.

"We need the firemen to be complimentary. They give you a compliment as you walk in," another says.

"I also want this as a club. Everybody wears 90s clothes and or prom dresses, and every night at the end of the night they play 'Closing Time' at last call," someone adds.

"Can they play the music at a level we can talk over too. It sounds perfect," another person suggests.

Maybe this idea will take off and there will be a Forever 41 opening near you. If they throw in a babysitting area, you'd never get moms to leave that store. Listen to the rest of her brilliant idea below.

@thereal.tarajoon Forver 41 🤩 What else would you like the store to have? Please share! #forever41 #momlife #tiktokvidcon ♬ original sound - Tara Joon