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chloe fineman

Saturday Night Live/Youtube

A TikTokker went viral for saying 'SNl" has never cast a 'hot woman." The female 'SNL' cast responded.

Recently a TikTok user who goes by Jahelis went viral for claiming “Saturday Night Live” has never hired “a hot woman” during the entire run of its show.

Well, the ladies of “SNL” caught wind of Jahelis’s insensitive remarks, and let’s just say they’re having the last laugh.

In the nearly four minute video, Jahelis clarifies “I’m not saying that every single woman who has been a cast member on SNL is ugly. It’s just that none of them have ever been, like, hot.… They all just kind of have looks that eventually grow on you.”

She then proposed the “theory” that this is because society can’t accept that “super beautiful women” can also be funny, followed by a slew of out-of-touch observations to seemingly prove this her pseudo-analysis.

Jahelis first pulled up a picture of Heidi Gardner (whom Jahelis couldn’t even name) claiming Gardner often plays the “super hot and super dumb” girl in sketches, even though “no offense, she’s not that pretty.”

Jahelis surmised this must be because “I guess technically the most conventional hot female on this cast.”

@jahelis Hoepfulky at least one person out there understands what I’m trying to say #kristinwiig #palmroyale #appletvseries #snl #snlwomen #mayarudolph #jimmyfallon ♬ original sound - Jahelis

To really drive her point home, Jahelis then went on to note that Jimmy Fallon, Andy Sandberg, Jason Sudeikis “even Bowen” Yang as “relatively hot men,” as if to suggest this injustice of hiring average looking people was one-sided.

But hey, at least she conceded that Maya Rudolph was “really beautiful.” Sadly, while Kristin Wiig “very conventionally attractive,” she still didn’t make the cut for “hot,” apparently.

It didn’t take long for the rant to make its way to actual female “SNL” cast members, who responded in rare form.

Sarah Sherman, replied on X with this tongue-in-cheek post: “Just found out I’m not hot. Please give me and my family space to grieve privately and uglily at this time.”

Meanwhile on Instagram, Chloe Troast hit back while singing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” and not-so-subtly flipping Jahelis off with both fingers.

Other viewers also chimed in to call out Jahelis’ “random and mean” analysis, not to mention question her logic…as well as her eyesight.

“Ego Nwodim is literally drop dead gorgeous," one person commented.

“Have you SEEN CHLOE FINEMAN?! She's so gorgeous,” another said.

Other perplexed reactions include:

“Kate McKinnon??!!! Melissa Villasenor?! Amy Poehler?!?? Kristen Wig?!!! helloOoOo.”

“Kate McKinnon is unironically one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen.”

“Julia Louis Dreyfus is one of the hottest women of all time?”

And perhaps this comment really sums it all up: “normalize journaling.”

Sure, we want to be able to express ourselves, and part of TikTok’s charm is being able to give those raw, unfiltered opinions. But degrading other people to make a point is probably not the best use of the platform. Luckily, nobody took this “hot take” too seriously.