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Jen Haro


Watch A Brave Little Girl Take On Her Rapists, Her Village, And Her Culture

In Pakistan, it's not uncommon for rape victims to be treated more harshly than their rapists, even by their own families and the justice system. This teenage girl demanded otherwise.


This Mother And Father Are Smiling. But What She Has To Say Will Tear You Apart.

The biggest myth in Washington, D.C. is that getting things done requires money. All you really need is the courage to tell your story.

To express your support for commonsense steps to reduce gun violence, share this, and join the White House call for action on social media.


The Little Girl's Toy That Thousands Of Grown-Ass Men Can't Wait To Play With

Meet the extremely unexpected adult fans of My Little Pony. Is a little girl's toy allowing thousands of young men to be their best selves?Check out the highlights:(0:36) Why are a bunch of bros his age into this show?  (0:48) Wait, Star Trek cameo?  (2:26) Whoa, mad respect, brony.  (3:20) Yes, I'm totally singing along with these dudes.

Want one? If you're a closet Brony or Pegasister (like me), there are discreet options: Pick 'em up incognito online. Double rainboom, y'all. Giddyup.


Our Nation's Capital Has A Secret. And It's Dirtier Than You Can Possibly Imagine.

"Fishing is like sex in that it can be anywhere from deeply meaningful to just plain fun to participate in, but it’s oddly boring to watch in videos." —John Gierach.We'll see about that. A group of fly fishermen are breaking their silence on the best kept secret in D.C.

If you'd like to learn more about fly fishing, tweet me, and I promise to "hook" you up. If you're lucky enough to live in Washington, D.C., or plan to visit, stop by Fletcher's Boat House to experience the Potomac — rent a row boat, grab a fishing pole, ride a bike. It's awesome. George Washington himself "fished the shad" and they'll be around til June for you to catch and release.