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Cookie company offers cheeky break-up boxes just in time for Valentine's Day

It's the sweetest send-off soon to-be exes could ask for.


Who wouldn't wanna be broken up with this way?

Love is in the air for some…but not everyone.

Ultra popular cookie delivery company Insomnia Cookies recently announced a special box guaranteed to add a dash of sweetness to any Valentine’s Day breakup.

Along with a customized assortment of 12 delicious cookies, customers can choose between four cheeky break-up messages:

“It’s not me, it’s you.”

“You’re sweet, but not my flavor.”

“I have the hots for your roommate”

“We’re done. Have a nice life.”

Here’s a glimpse of what the “It’s not My It's You” cookie box looks like, thanks to a video posted onto Insomnia’s Instagram:

Imagine getting this from your soon-to-be-ex on Valentine’s Day. That’s gotta soften the blow, right?

Various sources quoted a press release where Insomniac said that the clever marketing strategy was a “very unserious way of ending things, since warm cookies [are] better than a cold heart.”

Valentine’s Day might traditionally be a time to celebrate romantic partnerships, but these days all kinds of relationships get acknowledged for the holiday. Only a few months ago, Sweethearts candies announced they’d have a special line of “situationship” candies for sale this year. And let’s not forget the zoo that famously allows you to name a cockroach after your ex.

Sure, there’s a dash of dark humor infused to these alternative celebration options, but it’s also a lighthearted way of including more shades of the relationship spectrum into the fold. After all, they might be our significant other, but that doesn't make the other people in our lives insignificant. There’s a lot of love in the world—friend love, family love, self love, pet love, not just romantic love!

Plus, while it can be painful when a relationship ends, it usually opens up other opportunities in the future. So maybe adding some lightheartedness into the mix can make the transition a little less uncomfortable. Cookies certainly don’t make a situation any worse.