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A beautiful and scary jump by Eric Finat Trepat.

Spanish skydiving expert Eric Finat Trepat recorded a video of his 43rd attempt at skydiving, which was incredibly beautiful, frightening, and dangerous all at the same time. What’s incredible about the dive is not only its height of 15,000 feet but that he had to navigate through a rain cloud before making it safely to the ground.

Finat Trepat accomplished his miraculous jump above the Catalonian city of Girona in Spain.

A lot can go wrong when you’re free-falling through a raincloud. There is very little visibility, so it can be hard to tell which way you’re falling. It’s also dangerous flying through raindrops at high speed. Finally, it’s difficult to know how much distance there is between yourself and the ground when shooting out of the cloud, which makes it tough to judge when to deploy the parachute.

In the video, Finat Trepat checks his altimeter multiple times to see how much time and space he has before hurtling to the ground.

Even though this video probably made many happy that they were watching it from the ground. The daredevil hopes it will inspire others to hurl themselves from a plane.

“PS: To all of you who have asked me, don’t be afraid to take the step, it’s within your reach, you just have to open the door, jump and enjoy,” Finat Trepat wrote, according to The New York Post. “I haven’t taken away the urge to jump despite the fear of the other day, being on the edge of death has only made me stronger.”