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family feud

Funny clip from "Celebrity Family Feud."

Sometimes we just want a bit of laughter in our lives and this clip from "Celebrity Family Feud" where Kristin Chenoweth goes head to head with Kathy Najimy hits the spot.

The two women were competing against each other for their respective charities and the stage was set for some wholesome fun. But the round started off with an extremely awkward bit of hilarity when Chenoweth gave her first answer on "After the lips, what's your favorite part of a man to kiss?"

"Rhymes with heinous," Chenoweth said to a stunned reaction from the contestants. It even momentarily left host Steve Harvey speechless and the show bleeped out her answer. Because, as the name clearly implies, this is a family show!

In fairness, Chenoweth's answer wasn't nearly as racy as it sounded. Harvey and Najimy's faces displayed what everyone was thinking before the other contestants weighed in. Of course, the whole episode wasn't about Chenoweth, it was full of chuckle-worthy moments as Harvey asked each contestant the same question. When Mona Najimy answered the question with "chest," Harvey quipped back, "That'll get you a new car Ms. Mona." The fun didn't stop there.

Watch the clip below:

While Chenoweth was the first to toss out an inappropriate answer for the host, Najimy did the same, leaving the host dumbfounded. But it's all in good fun for a good cause. Najimy's team won the round and thanks to the two actors, the internet won this hilarious gem.