These Children Say More About Gun Control In A Dance Than Congress Has In Any Law Kinda Ever

Lori White Curator:

I love an interpretive dance, guys. The emotion! The things to interpret without words! The things to feeeel. This dance in particular features teenagers (TEENAGERS?!) and a funky band (FUNKY BAND!) that includes a tuba (TUBA!) and a melodica (MELODICA!) all dancing out their rage. I know! It’s a lot of random things and it adds up to some unexpected intensity all set to a catchy tune.

I wouldn’t usually say, “Yes, hand the keys to the teenagers!” But in this case? HAND THE KEYS TO THE TEENAGERS!

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Guy: On May 10, my friend Blair Holt was shot and killed shielding a friend on a Chicago city bus.

Girl: On December 14, my mum survived the shooting at Sandy Hooke Elementary School.

Guy: On April 17th, Congress failed to act.

Girl: Congress broke a promise to Americans who lost family members and friends to gun violence. That their lives would not be lost in vain and young Americans have suffered because of it.

Guy: I remember May 10th.

Girl: I remember December 14th. Life is gold, no matter who you are. Refine ourselves with love and open hearts. Teach the young for they will surely see. Let them see the truth for what we speak.

Guy: 33 people are murdered with a gun every day, that's why I fight for the 33.

Girl: Since Sandy Hook, over 580 children and teens have died from gun violence. That's why I fight for the 33.

Guy: Over half the people murdered in 2010 with guns were under the age of 30. That's why I fight for the 33.

Girl: We lose more than one million years of potential life due to gun violence every year. Fight for the 33.
"We all fall down, we all fall down, we all fall down. We all fall down, we all fall down, we all fall down. Here we are the future in our hands. Lets get up so we can take a stand. Life is gold, no matter who you are. Refine ourselves with love and open hearts."

Guy: Every 70 minutes an American under the age of 25 dies by gunfire. That's why I fight for the 33.

Girl: Next year gun deaths will be the biggest cause for my generation. That's why I fight for the 33.

Girl: Children in the US are twice more likely to get shot than die from cancer. That's why I fight for the 33.

Girl:Young people need to speak up and fight for policies to keep guns out of dangerous hands. That's why I fight for the 33.

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The story of how I heard about this began when a friend invited me to a concert in New York. The band performing was called Jon Batiste and Stay Human, and I discovered them on Instagram of all places! Aside from the whole thing ending with a giant parade down a really busy street and into the subway, they also kicked the whole concert off with this powerful video of a performance piece the band made with some kids about gun violence. How about that? Musicians with principles?! Oh yes, please.

To support this band and their principles, go to Fight 4 the 33’s website and holler at them on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and so on with the hashtag #Fight4the33. Make a fuss! The more people making a fuss, the more fussy our good old congresspersons might get next time they vote against gun safety, which they do tend to do kind of a lot. Make 'em uncomfortable! They should be!

And if you want to catch the band on tour (and trust — you DO), find them here! Check out their music on iTunes while you’re at it.

Apr 25, 2014

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