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Hari Kondabolu: I've always had a tough time suspending disbelief with the Superman movies, and not so much because he's a superhero and he has super strength and all that. I get how those movies work. I've always had a tough time because Superman lives in America, in whatever era that he's in, and it never seems to affect him and affect his life. That was always strange to me.

I mean, think about this. In current day America, where the new Superman movies are taking place, we're filled with anti-immigrant sentiment. We call undocumented immigrants, "illegal aliens". Superman shows up and he's an actual alien, and no one's trying to deport him? Why not? I mean, think about this. He's stealing the jobs of soldiers and policemen. Right? He's doing the jobs for free. He's volunteering.

Also, you would assume that Superman would have some sympathy for other undocumented immigrants because he himself is one. He's the ultimate outsider. You would think he would be the first one in the Home Depot parking lots, trying to organize undocumented laborers. You would think that's the first thing that Superman would do.

Handing out bags of glasses that look like these, saying, "Trust me. You have to wear these."

"Uh, Superman, that's a crazy idea, I don't really think..."

"Trust me. OK? You need to trust me. Think about this. Undocumented... documented. Undocumented... documented. "

"Oh, you're an illegal!"

"Oh, OK."


"Oh my God, you're one of us."

I even got a job working at a newspaper. It's incredible.

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Video from Hari Kondabolu. Follow Hari on Twitter, and check out his new comedy album, “Waiting for 2042." And if you're in the mood for a Superman movie, I suggest the 1978 version from Richard Donner.

Thumbnail image from the Flickr account of Katherine Johnson and used under a Creative Commons license.

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