tenacious d

Britney Spears/Youtube, Stefan Brending/Wikipedia

Is there any thing Tenacious D can't cover?

No one knows why Jack Black and Kyle Gass, aka Tenacious D, decided to randomly cover a Britney Spears song. All we know is it rocks.

And they don't cover just any Britney Spears song. They covered “Baby One More Time.” A quintessential part of the Britney Spears canon.

But it was so good—in that distinct blend of goofy and epic that only Black and Gass can conjure—that fans are begging the duo to create an entire “album of covers.”

In the video, which has been viewed over 20 million times on TikTok and spread all over various social media platforms, the Black sports a matching t-shirt and short set with a flaming phoenix (very rock-n-roll) as energetically lip syncs to his own vocal performance of the iconic pop tune.

Meanwhile, Gass plays the perfect hype man in the background.


Tenacious B! 🐼

♬ original sound - Jack Black

Needless to say, viewers were pleased.

"Something I never thought I needed and here I am loving this 🥰," one viewer wrote.

Another added, “why does everything Tenacious D touches come out so much better.”

And, of course, fans were begging for more, especially in the form of an album.

“A full album of covers please.”

"I would love an album that's just jack black covering early 2000s white girl music.”

“I’d love a pop goes punk-esque album of Tenacious D covering random 90s pop songs.”

“A Tenacious D cover album would be the greatest thing to ever happen.”

One person even suggested Tenacious D play the next Super Bowl HalfTime Show…which is clearly the greatest idea of all time.

People love Jack Black for his ability to always put his own delightful personal spin on things. He’s certainly not afraid to be big, bold or outrageously silly, even in moments that normally demand decorum. He’s so attuned to his inner child that it helps bring out the playful spirit in everyone. Plus, he’s one hell of a talented musician. What’s not to like?