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Mom hilariously thinks a church event is a birthday party for a child named Jésus

'It’s so weird. There was nowhere on there for me to RSVP.'

Mom hilariously thinks a charity event is a birthday party.

Kids get a lot of birthday party invitations. Many daycares and schools have a rule that if you invite a few kids in the classroom, you have to invite all kids in the classroom so no one feels excluded. Parents get used to grabbing invites out of cubbies throughout the school year without much thought.

You see the invitation, ask your kid if they're friends with the person the party is for and if they answer in the affirmative, you RSVP for a tiny human's birthday bash. It becomes like a reflex. But for mom Tasha Salyer on TikTok, that reflex got her into a confusing, yet hilarious situation.

Salyer uploaded a video of herself explaining to a table full of people how she ended up at the charity event instead of a child's birthday party. People at the table couldn't contain their laughter as the story went on. Apparently, Salyer picked up the invitation out of her daughter's cubby at daycare and confirmed with her daughter that she actually knew the child, Jésus.

The mom revealed that she expressed how strange it was to her own mother that there was no RSVP section, saying, "You know it's so weird. There was nowhere on there for me to RSVP, like they don't care how many kids show up?" Her confusion continued, "They don't want him to have any gifts? Like, you can just bring food for the food pantry?" Salyer's mom confirmed that it was indeed weird to not have gifts for a birthday party.

Salyer, still believing it was a birthday party for Jésus, thought that maybe the parents just didn't want him to have a lot of toys. After showing up she realizes that there aren't many children there and her confusion grows when she can't find Jésus or his parents.

Turns out, her daughter didn't know Jésus from sitting next to him during circle time. She knew him from Bible stories because her daycare is attached to a church, but the invitation was indeed a party. One for the actual Jesus and the gifts were adding food to the food pantry to feed the community.

Listen to the whole story below: