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Woman secretly records a love song for her fiancé and its got everyone in their feels

"Absolutely sobbbingggggg. Thinking this could be me and my fiancé's first dance cause WOW incredible song writing. All the feels."

Woman secretly records love song for fiancé. It's a tearjerker.

Sometimes you see something so sweet that it just makes you emotional, even if you don't know the people on your screen. But when you're witnessing a true expression of love it takes those feelings to another level. At least that's what seems to be true for people that stumbled across a sweet video by Dani and Colton, a duo that goes by the stage name ni/co.

The pair aren't just bandmates, they're actually engaged to be married and recently Dani surprised Colton with a song she secretly recorded about their love story. You can see once the song starts to play just how nervous she was being so emotionally exposed to her partner, yet how beautifully safe she felt being that exposed with him.

Dani sang along only glancing Colton's way then hiding her face as it all sank in. Colton's reaction when he realized the words of the chorus the look he gives can only be described as magic. He looks at her like she's magic.

The song, "On Purpose," and the video that clearly shows how much they love each other have commenters gushing over their love and sharing their own stories.

"Being loved intentionally is one of the reasons I married my husband. We’re together now over 31 years and he is still my best friend and biggest cheerleader who reminds my constantly that I do deserve love, when others had made me feel otherwise. Hold onto him and continue your love song," one person writes.

Another person says, "Absolutely sobbbingggggg. Thinking this could be me and my fiancés first dance cause WOW incredible song writing. All the feels."

"Honestly, this brought me to tears. Your disclosure about two kids of divorce hit home for me because I was raised watching divorce between my parents and my siblings. This is absolutely beautiful and intentional," someone else reveals.

"Ok why am I crying here. I don’t even know y’all. Good grief. Well I’ll say this, one, he adores you, two, he’s legit. Moms know. Blessings to y’all," a commenter writes.

Dani and Colton have now released the full version of the song, "On Purpose," and it can be found on any music streaming service. In the full song, Colton sings the second verse and you can see why they not only make an adorable couple be an amazing vocal duo.

Check out the video below: