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millennials dancing


Club goer's experience has people wondering what Gen Z is doing with their hands while dancing

"You know what's giving away your age? You keep putting your hands up."

Millennials are debating where Gen Z puts their hands while dancing

Look, going to the club after 30 is not for the meek...or those of us with bad knees from Snoop telling us to drop it like it's hot too many times in the early 2000s.

So walking through the doors to let your hair down after a long week only to be reminded of how old you are can be discouraging. But one Millennial club goer's recent experience has people scratching their heads.

Gus Rosas, a Millennial on the younger side at just 32, told his TikTok followers how he found himself in a strange predicament while at a dance club. He explains that he was dancing with a girl in her early 20s at a club in Los Angeles when the girl kept telling him to put his hands down.

"I was dancing at the club last night with this girl and she was like, 'you know what's giving away your age?' She was like, 'you keep putting your hands up.'"

This revelation has commenters extremely confused. What on Earth is Gen Z doing with their hands while they dance? Are they just doing TikTok dance trends on repeat? If there's no trending dance to the song playing do they do the Snoopy and "Charlie Brown" leg shuffle thing with their arms glued to the sides? We elder Millennials have questions.

"But how will anyone know if I'm a true player if I don't throw my hands in the air," one commenter writes.

"Sir, I cannot shake it like a polaroid picture with my hands glued to my sides," someone says.

"How do you point to the window then to the wall," a person asks.

"Even Miley Cyrus puts her hands up when they're playing her song," another person writes.


#millenialpause #toooldfortheclub

You see where this is going. Millennials have been instructed for decades to put our hands in the air while dancing and now it simply shows we are the old people in the club. But honestly, I'm invested in finding out what a club full of Gen Zers looks like because if it's a "Charlie Brown" dance party, I think we Millennials will continue to heed the instructions in the songs.