intrusive thoughts


People are relating to this skit about intrusive thoughts.

TikTok has done plenty of things for the mental health community outside of annoying therapists with incessant pathologizing of benign human behaviors. One of the positive things the platform has done is to help push mental health awareness and normalization of mental illnesses.

Kris, who's goes by KallmeKris on TikTok, recently posted a new skit on her page about intrusive thoughts that explores what it would be like if people said their intrusive thoughts out loud. The video was hilarious and people in the comments were happy to share their own intrusive thoughts.

If you're unfamiliar with intrusive thoughts, they're these brief pop-up thoughts that oftentimes seem out of character and unrelated to whatever activity you're doing. In some cases they're related to the activity but the thought is something you'd never actually do, like tripping random children at a soccer game, just because.

If the thought of someone thinking about tripping children made you wince a bit, understand that it makes the person having the intrusive thought wince too. In the skit, which has racked up more than 4 million likes, Kris says her random intrusive thoughts out loud while hanging out with her "friend" and the friend's reaction is hilarious. The comments were full of people exclaiming they were happy to know they were normal and others answering Kris' call to comment with their weirdest intrusive thought.

Kris admitted in the comments that she feels less alone since reading the thousands of comments of people sharing their own thoughts. Check out the video below.


What are yours?🫢