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home depot rap

Pop Culture

Someone made the Home Depot music into a rap and it’s perfection

It's the ultimate DIY dad's weekend warrior theme song.

Home Depot rap makes the perfect home improvement weekend warrior theme song.

Not all dads are home improvement weekend warriors, but for those who are, Home Depot is where it's at. Like, literally, it's where everything is at. It's where they get tools, parts, materials—everything from honking huge sheets of wood to the tiniest little nuts and bolts. If you need it, Home Depot has it. If Home Depot doesn't have it, it probably doesn't exist.

For DIY dads, Home Depot is a second home and as much as I hate to stereotype, there are some common characteristics these dads share. I know because I'm married to one. And nowhere is this stereotype summed up as succinctly—or hilariously—as in the 33-second rap song YouTube gamer Welyn created using the Home Depot theme song.

I mean, just check out the opening lyrics:

I'm talkin' propane on the gas grill

Open flame, hold the pan still

In flannel, it's plaid, still

Never question the dad skill

I'm in the backyard…

You really just have to hear it—and watch head-bobbing cat jamming out with it.

The song is available on Spotify and I'm pretty sure my kids have listened to it a hundred times. They call it "Dad's Theme Song" and they laugh hysterically every time they sing it.

The rest of the lyrics:

Tool belt, big truck, and a backpack

Workin' on a house and I flip it like a flapjack

Phillips head with a tread, hammer with a napsack

Got a creak in the knees, even got a bad back

Never back-track; two measure, one cut

Got a big beam, bolts and a lug nut

Screws and a tool kit, thinking of what does what

Hit 'em with a 'sport' when I'm beatin' 'em at putt-putt

(Heyyyy, sport!)

It's 33 seconds of perfection, truly. The home improvement dad theme song we never knew we needed.

You can follow Welyn on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.