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hair color


She had too much fun.

If you are needing a masterclass in loving life, proof that childlike joy can be had at any age or simply a reason to smile today…look no further. Betty Mae Jinright has you covered.

Betty Mae has lit up social media after her granddaughter and hairstylist, Kourtnee Jinright, filmed herself dying Grandma’s hair in some pretty outrageous colors. People simply can’t get enough of Betty Mae's infectious squeal of laughter that comes with each new shade.

"This [color] is called acid spill," Kourtnee Jinright says at the top of the clip while plopping the brightest, most neon shade of green you’ve ever seen right onto her grandmother’s sweet ol’ noggin.

"I'm so glad to know that," Betty Mae quips, before going into a fit of giggles as soon as she sees the green dye hit her pearly white strands.

Kourtnee continues splashing on various vibrant shades of purple, blue and red. With each brush stroke, Betty Mae’s laughter escalates.

Honestly, it’s like she’s riding the best roller coaster of her life. And thanks to the now-viral clip, we’re along for the ride.


What made Betty Mae choose to get her hair colored in the first place, you ask? Why, the chance to support her granddaughter, of course.

Kourtnee told “Good Morning America” that she had entered a contest for the hair color brand Pulp Riot, focused specifically on their Wild Ride line of hair colors. Entrants were encouraged to create their “boldest, brightest looks” using Wild Ride for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles and meet the Pulp Riot team, plus film a transformation video.

When Kourtnee asked Betty Mae to “be her guinea pig,” there was no hesitation.

"My grandmother would do anything for her grandbabies to help them out in their career," Kourtnee told GMA.

So far, Kourtnee’s video, which she posted to Instagram, has been liked over a million times, with people absolutely gushing over her grandma.

“Absolutely love this, Holy cow! 🤣 biggest smile on my face the entire time, laughing right along with her,” one person wrote.

"She is the CUTEST!!!! Really made me miss my grandma’s love that you can create such special memories with her," another added.

Betty Mae’s instant popularity came as no surprise to Kourtnee, who told GMA that “all of the people in my life are obsessed with her and I knew the whole world would be too. At this point, she's everyone's grandma."

A grandma we are so lucky to have. Thanks, Betty Mae, for brightening up the internet. Glad to see you have a hairdo now as colorful as you are.