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Watch a mom burst into tearful joy thanks to her 8-year-old's thoughtful Christmas gift

"He truly healed my inner child with this gift. Best Christmas present ever ❤️"


He had been planning this for months.

It’s simply expected for parents—especially moms—to create holiday magic for their kids. But sometimes, kids have their own Christmas surprises in store. And often, those thoughtful gifts are so pure it shoots straight to the heart.

Ruthie Hagmann recently had one of these touching experiences, courtesy of her 8-year-old son.

In an emotional video that has close to 14 million views on TikTok, Hagmann is seen opening a gift from him on Christmas morning. He had been asking her for months what her favorite toy was growing up.

Her answer never changed: Molly, an American Girl doll. Hagmann lost Molly during her childhood since her family moved around so much, which made her son “so sad” to hear. Which is why he had secretly planned (since April!) to get his mom a replacement Molly.

In the clip, Hagmann first opens up a small box that only contains Molly’s glasses. She clearly recognizes them, as indicated by the “no you didn’t” look on her face.

Then comes the next box, with the doll itself. Which, of course, sends Hagmann instantly into tears. And giggles.

@ruthhagmann best christmas present ever ❤️ #innerchildhealing ♬ To be loved Is to be changed - gosiahballer

"He truly healed my inner child with this gift. I can't believe how sweet he is. I'll never forget this Christmas," she wrote, adding, "Best Christmas present ever ❤️ #innerchildhealing," in the caption.

People who watched the heartwarming video couldn’t help but commend Hagmann’s son for his empathy. And Hagmann—for clearly doing a fantastic job of raising good kids.

“Imagine at 8 being so loving, attentive, caring and compassionate as your son,” one person wrote.

"This is a reflection of your amazing parenting! Good job, Mom,” added another.

It’s moments like these that show the truly magical side of parenting. Getting reacquainted with that special kind of joy and wonder, feeling love in a brand new way, experiencing the wonders of youth and the groundedness of adulthood all at the same time. All these things make the tough parts all the more worthwhile.