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David and Victoria Beckham recreate their viral "he honest" moment for Uber Eats

No one could have predicted that one tiny moment in David Beckham’s docuseries would end up taking the internet by storm.

The moment I’m alluding to is, of course, the hilarious exchange between Beckham and his wife Victoria, when she tried to go against her “Posh Spice” alter ego by insisting that she, just like her husband, “grew up working class.”

Only Beckham wasn’t having it, as he peeked behind the door to demand she “be honest,” which eventually led to his wife admitting her dad drove her to school in a very not working class Rolls Royce.

This cheeky interaction gave fans a rare glimpse into the fun, not-so-picture-perfect parts of the power couple’s relationship, which no doubt helped make the moment so iconic.

Since then the bit has turned into a running gag. Beckham even poked fun at Victoria as he posted a photo of their family eating a clearly expensive New Year’s lunch to Instagram.

In the caption, he wrote: “Just a nice casual New Year’s Eve lunch at The Ritz ❤️ @victoriabeckham Very working class 😂 My mother & father in law left in there Roll’s 🤎”


Both David and Victoria seem okay to laugh at themselves, and even agreed to recreate the viral head-to-head in a new online ad for Uber Eats.

In the clip, we see the former Spice girl went the extra mile by wearing a t-shirt that says “My dad had a Rolls Royce.” Which apparently could be yours at the low, low price of $150, if it weren’t sold out.

“So David and I are going to be in a little commercial,” she says before Beckham interrupts with his now classic “be honest.”

Hilarious banter ensues before Victoria reveals that the little commercial is actually a Super Bowl ad, one that they’ll be doing with Jennifer Aniston. Or “Jessica Aniston”, in this case, which keeps to the theme of them forgetting a few details here and there. Making the teaser’s caption “Whatever you forget this Sunday, remember Uber Eats” that more spot on.

Pretty great, right? Other seemed to think so. Just check out some of the comments pulled from Youtube:

"OMG!!!! Just perf, so funny! Love the Beckhams!!"

"Whose idea was this? They deserve a raise!"

"Beyond brilliant! Just beyond!"

"This is how you do it! Absolutely lovely and funny.Adorable couple."

"Love love love."

Keep your eyes peeled for this commercial, among many others, during The Swift and Kelce Bowl, aka the Super Bowl, which airs on Sunday, Feb. 11 at 6:30 pm EST.