This kid gives an impressive acting performance.

Some kids just have a natural knack for acting. Frequently, a flair for the dramatics can cause parents significant grief (Ferris Bueller-style) but it can also be a source of non-stop entertainment.

A viral video of a kid putting on an Oscar-worthy performance in his new Halloween costume is a prime example.

The video shared by @saddiegau on TikTok has been viewed a million times, and when you watch it you'll see why. The kid dons an inflatable costume that makes it look like a large green alien is carrying him around, which is pretty funny all on its own. But the horror movie scene that ensues is practically an acting masterclass.

The screaming. The chaotic struggle. The frantic clinging to the door frame as the alien pulled him away. And doing it all walking backwards? Perfection.



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Impressive, right? People in the comments thought so, too:

"Haha get this kid an Oscar stat 😂"

"Watched this many times! He deserves an Oscar🏆"

"But how is he so convincing?!?! 🏆"

So many people said their minds kept questioning whether the alien was actually kidnapping him, despite knowing consciously that it was an act:

"He sold it. I legit thought he was in trouble for a sec 😆"

"We’ve all seen this costume and joke a hundred times, and yet the way I BELIEVED for a few seconds 😅👏 👏👏👏"

"Ok. I know it’s not real. YET each time I watch it I’m like why isn’t anybody helping him??? Get this kid a role stat!"

The kid might as well start writing his acceptance speech now because there's surely a red carpet in his future.